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"All the benefits of nature with the least possible impact"

Kevin Holmes

A hundred and thirty-eight acres in the cloud forest of Costa Rica. Finca Don Raul has a low impact on nature by avoiding large and unnecessary construction or excessive manipulation of land, trees or water. We have sustainable facilities that are perfect for escaping the complexities of the modern world yet with all necessities to enjoy the wonders of nature.

A healthy diet helps to rid your body of toxins. Exercise, pure water and the absence of technology for a few days might just be what you need to find balance in your life again.

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"I did not shape this project, the project shaped me" 

Alex Zuniga


Comments from people who have been here…

Fabian, bird expert

"I enjoyed the two days I stayed there. It’s excellent for bird watchers and nature lovers. I loved the concept of living life simple in the middle of the forest"

Ronald, teacher

"I visited this amazing place and I was fascinated by the beauty of nature and how peaceful the environment is there.  Taking a break from the noisy and agitated life of the city. I could enjoy the view of beautiful mountains surrounded by the forest.  There are many species of birds, insects, plants, trees, Mother Nature showing all its beauty. My brother and I were there and had time to relax and enjoy the pure air.  I remember drinking the spring water there, so fresh and cold. Walking along the trails and listening to the wind and noises of natural life around was an unforgettable experience."

Luli, Argentina

"La experiencia en Finca Don Raúl fue muy buena, muy recomendable, me sentí en familia y parte del lugar"

About the founder

“It took me a while to understand what had to be done. Then when I finally understood, the only thing remaining was to put it into action.”

Alex Zuniga

Alex was born in Costa Rica. He graduated to become a language teacher. He also did occasional work as a translator.


Over time, Alex has developed many interests. He is well versed in dealing with venomous snakes. He designs and builds rustic furniture, plays the guitar, is a writer and author, and tour guide.

After an eleven-year period of living in intense internal pain Alex had a shocking experience that led him to a spiritual awakening.  Subsequently, he studied theology and after understanding what had occurred to him, he began to give some counseling on the subject.


After Alex wrote his first book on the topic, he decided to convert his farm into a reserve which serves the purpose of helping others achieve spiritual awareness and be in contact with nature.