A Few Words About Finca Don Raúl

It has been more than ten years since the work started

If you visit the reserve today, you might think “I don’t see ten years of work here". When the work first started, I only had a vague idea that eventually turned into a vision. It is hard to describe the hard work it took to transform the place, as it was just pastureland with an old corral. Thankfully, with the help of dear friends, who donated their time and efforts, the place was gradually transformed. Carrying food on our backs and, at times, materials on horseback, was normal for each trip. The first attempts were disastrous, the original plan did not go quite as planned, so every time something went wrong, I had a chance to adapt my vision until the place became what it is today.

So, what is the place today? Finca Don Raúl is a forest in the process of being restored, with some pastures, that numerous birds and mammals call their home. The climate is cool, and the views are amazing. It is located in the buffering zone of the largest national park in Costa Rica. There are sleeping quarters and facilities to cook and plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature.

Finca Don Raúl is isolated from the city. You will not see many people, except for a few tourists on their way to the national park. The forest has several springs and the purest air you can image. Gas- and diesel- powered vehicles are strictly prohibited.

What We Offer


Wooden cabins, equipped with cooking and sleeping areas, including air mattresses. We recommend you bring a sleeping bag and inflatable pillow (if needed). There are paths for bird watching and areas for yoga.

Guided tours

We offer guided tours to La Amistad International Park. Tours are divided into several levels of difficulty, depending on the physical conditions of the participants. 


Prior to their stay, visitors let us know their meal preferences, vegetarian or otherwise. All meals are prepared with healthy ingredients to assist in detoxing the body.


As the reserve need constant upkeep, volunteers to assist in this effort are always welcome. They can stay as long as they wish, provided they abide by the policies of the reserve. Volunteers only pay a small amount to cover administrative expenses.

Please check general information section and let us know if you have any questions.




Other ways to help