Alex Zuniga

Now that you have written down your dreams, how do you go about making them a reality?

You must first turn them into goals. A goal is simply a dream with a date on it. Set a realistic date when you would like to achieve your goal.

“How will I get the money or materials I need”, you ask. To quote a noted North American businessman: “If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count”. In other words, if you truly believe in your dream, the vibes you put out will attract to you the money, materials and people you need to turn your dream into reality.

Going after your dream is a work in progress. Following are some concepts that will help to guide you on this road. Read through them as often as necessary and expect many questions to arise. For a while it will feel as if you are on a roller coaster. This is normal. These concepts will help you to get the job done.