Throughout the years the reserve has charmed many visitors

Starting a Project in Central America

"The first time I visited, what is now the reserve was nothing but old pasture and some wilderness. We started from scratch, we learned a lot"

Elian Acuna co-founder of the project



"Im a regular visitor, I love preparing meals and exploring the forest"


Luis, Costa Rica

Leyla Fonseca and Alex

"We had a great time, besides Alex is a great host"

Leyla Fonseca, (From

Technology detox


"A fantastic experience"


Laura, teacher

C B Studio

"So far, one of the best places I have found to take pictures and relax

 Karen, professional photographer

Bird watching in nature reserve


"I enjoyed the two days I stayed there. It’s excellent for bird watchers and nature lovers. I loved the concept of living life simple in the middle of the forest"

 Fabian, bird expert

Costa Rica Digital detox

"My time spent at Finca Don Raul was both revitalizing and reinvigorating.

With the lack of noise & busyness of the modern world,

Finca Don Raul cultivates an environment conducive to self-reflection and introspection.

And the view of the stars at night from the lookout point is absolutely breathtaking."

Eric, USA

Trekking in Costa Rica


"I stayed for three days with three more friends.

The second day we hiked to Cabecar Summit,

it was very hard but we made it"


Randall, Accountant 

Three days as a volunteer


"Spending three days as a volunteer helped me to understand the

amount of pollution we are exposed to in the city"


Diego, Teacher

Body detox

" I loved the cloud forest"

Diana, hair stylist 



Los sueños se hacen realidad


"Me encantó la experiencia"


 Iván, Argentina

Nature reserve in Costa Ricar

"loved the experience"