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Venomous Snakes 

of Costa Rica

A guide to the venomous snakes of Costa Rica. Habitat and pictures included.

From Spanish to English

This book intends to solve important issues regarding Spanish and English in medical situations.The present contents, along with the pronunciation guide, will help you ask basic information in medical interviews and go through the different health check procedures, as well as more complex circumstances.It will also be especially useful for health professionals who have little or no skill for the language at all.

Live Your Dream

"One man's journey from years of despair to a life of happiness and fulfillment. The author freely shares how he achieved his dream and overcame many pitfalls on the way. He lays out a simple plan others can follow to face their personal demons and work toward reaching their own dreams."

The most dangerous snake of Costa Rica 


A guide to the most dangerous snake of Costa Rica

Alex Zuniga

El truco

English grammar for Spanish speakers

Español Mágico

A great help for those beginning to learn Spanish, living permanently in Costa Rica or travelling across the country