Save the forest

A, B and C, the areas around the springs, are being developed first.


Why should you want to help?

Did you know that in Latin America we are losing trees at a rate of 50 soccer fields per minute? Trees along with endangered species are disappearing. Soil and water are being polluted, this causes biodiversity to migrate and become more vulnerable. You can make the difference.

How can you help planet earth?


Many people who are concerned about the environment and want to do their part to help protect our planet, have no idea how they can go about doing this. Sponsoring a portion of Finca Don Raúl Nature Reserve may be the answer. The reserve encompasses many acres with a tremendous diversity of plants and forests that provide refuge to a large variety of birds, animals and endangered species. Your financial support will help conserve the ecological balance of the ecosystems on this special reserve. 

What makes the reserve’s location special?


Finca Don Raúl is situated in the buffering zone of La Amistad International Park, which is the first binational biosphere reserve, located in both Costa Rica and Panama, and a UNESCO world heritage site. Just two years ago a new species of frog was discovered (Cruziohyla sylviae or Sylvia’s tree frog) as well as a snake (Talamancan pit viper) that was previously unknown. Hundreds of animals, including jaguars and other big cats, traverse between the national park and the reserve.


Finca Don Raul 3D

       3d view of Finca Don Raúl

                   Nature Reserve.

How will your donation be used?


Your donation will be used to build and maintain new trails, install cameras to monitor wildlife behavior, hire additional personnel, general maintenance (repair fences, maintain the cabins, etc.), and eventually purchase additional land to expand the protected territory.


If you wish to monitor the progress…

Each sponsor is welcome to visit the reserve to see the work in progress and/or contact the manager at any time. The exact location of Finca Don Raúl as well as other important geographical information is available on this site.

Does the reserve have a reforestation plan? 


Yes, we have a program to plant trees specific and endemic to the area. This will also provide food for the countless species we are protecting.


Please, fill in the form below and continue to donate. We will e-mail you a certificate with the amount of your donation.

Finca Don Raul protected springs

               Location of the land according

                        the latest survey.

               the springs are marked in blue.

How did you find out about our project?

We will provide you with information regarding the projects supported through our partnership.


We will clearly convey that all tree planting, surveillance of the species and maintenance work is being conducted by Finca Don Raúl, for the benefit of the cloud forest of Costa Rica.


Any use of Finca Don Raúl’s photos or marketing materials must first receive written consent from the manager of the project.

Your donation of US$ 100 will help protect one half (½) of an acre of the cloud forest, that includes springs and an abundance of mammals, insects and bird life, for a period of one year.

Motmot, Finca Don Raul